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Physicians Helping Attorneys Helping People

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Let Us Help You

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Get outstanding support in all medical matters by using our resources to help you prepare for every medical case. 


 Review our full list of Medical/Legal services and see how we can help you increase case value and save you time. 


 Meet our staff and see how our years of medical experience will be an immediately profitable addition to your team. 

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We Consult on All Things Medical

 As  a matter of routine all medical cases should be carefully reviewed  by a physician.  Our business model makes medical consultation  affordable in almost all of your cases.  We have purposefully kept our  fees reasonable allowing you to consult with us without concern about  budgetary issues in the case.

The value of a medical case can be greatly improved by identifying  and implementing strategies to capitalize on significant medical or  surgical issues.

As well, how much time and money do you want to spend if the medical issues are not really significant?

OUR TEAM can provide

  • Interpretation of Meaning, or lack thereof, of Medical Records & Reports
  • Medical Summary Reports
  • IME Observation and Rebuttal Reports
  • Medical Research to Answer Specific Case Questions
  • Liaison to Treating Doctors
  • Assessment of Future Medical Costs
  • Medical Research and Delivery of Medical Journal Articles
  • Medical Case Coordination
  • Independent Record Reviews
  • Question Preparation for Depositions and Court
  • Referral to Appropriate Medical Experts
  • Facilitation of Communication with Service & Government Agencies
  • Tableside Deposition & Court Assistance

We will provide prompt service with reports in any form desired by  counsel to assure that there is a clear, concise understanding of  pertinent details.  Together, we will discuss what will best serve the  attorney’s needs at the outset – and we are happy to make any mid-course  changes that will best serve these needs.  We will expedite reviews and  assure that information is provided in a timely fashion.