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We Deliver Outstanding Support in All Medical Matters

 We can provide:

  • Review of Case Validity and Value
  • Medical Summary Reports
  • Interpretation of Meaning, or Lack thereof, of Medical Reports & Records
  • IME Observation & Rebuttal Reports
  • Answers to Specific Medical Questions in Cases
  • Standard of Care Reviews
  • Medical Case Coordination
  • Liaison to Treating Doctors
  • Referral to Appropriate Medical Experts
  • Determination of Future Medical Care and Costs
  • Medical  Research and Delivery of Medical Journal Articles
  • Facilitation of Communication with Clients, Families, Professionals and Service & Governmental Agencies
  • Independent Record Reviews
  • Help Developing Medical Theories
  • Deposition & Court Assistance-Table-side or Question Preparation

We find as we work with more and more attorneys, we have been asked  to provide many medically related services.  In other words, each  attorney with whom we consult finds different and varied medical  services for us to provide based on the unique way they approach medical  issues in cases.  We may be more useful to one attorney providing case  coordination and to another attorney by providing up to date medical  journal articles in advance of questioning a medical expert.  We have  been asked to sit in on Independent Medical Exams, meet with treating  doctors to clarify case related issues like causation and answer medical  questions in a case.  Because we are very aware of your expenses, we  have made the decision to keep our fees reasonable. Many attorneys use  medical consultants only when confronted with problems in the case.  We  suggest you bring us in at the outset of your representation as this  approach has almost always added value to the case. Think about how we  could help you to increase case value and save you time while not  breaking the bank.